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Druzhba is a friendly framework for building data pipelines. It efficiently copies data from your production / transactional databases to your data warehouse.

A Druzhba pipeline connects one or more source databases to a target database. It pulls data incrementally from each configured source table and writes to a target table (which is automatically created in most cases), tracking incremental state and history in the target database. Druzhba may also be configured to pull using custom SQL, which supports Jinja templating of pipeline metadata.

In a typical deployment, Druzhba serves the extract and load steps of an ELT pipeline, although it is capable of limited in-flight transformations through custom extract SQL.

Druzhba currently fully supports PostgreSQL and Mysql 5.5-5.7, and provides partial support for Microsoft SQL Server as source databases. Druzhba supports AWS Redshift as a target.

Feature requests, bug reports, and general feedback should be submitted to the issue tracker. Potential security vulnerabilities should be posted to the issue tracker as well. If a security issue report must contain sensitive information please email the maintainers and, if possible, open a public issue indicating that you have done so.